• Except for serious illness, injury, or severe weather we expect you to meet you obligation to attend all classes for which you are registered. You are at Susquehanna Dance Center to improve your dance skills and you cannot do that if you are not in class.

  • Multiple absences or tardiness to class can severely hamper a student’s progress and result in injury as the class progresses. Poor attendance may require a student to switch to a lower level, repeat a level, or be dismissed from the studio.

  • We expect an email to to explain a student absence.

  • Absences due to vacations, musicals, college visits, auditions or show opportunities are your choice, but dance classes are not pro-rated because of your choices.

  • Due to high enrollment, you may not make up absences in classes for which you are not registered.

  • In the event of serious injury or prolonged illness, a doctor's note is required for the student to return to class.

  • Dancers, we highly recommend watching class or dance videos if an injury prevents you from taking class.