Presenting a clean, neat, orderly appearance in the studio is very important.  Students who do not meet the dress code described here will be asked to observe rather than participate.  Susquehanna Dance Center has a dress code so that students can focus on dancing and teachers can focus on students without distractions.  

  • All attire is subject to individual teacher approval.

  • We fully encourage you to express your individuality and style in the studiothrough your dancing; not your clothing.

  • No jewelry. (Small stud earrings ok)

  • No gum.

  • No warm-ups

  • No T-shirts with stripes or lettering.

  • No street shoes or outdoor sneakers on the dance floor!

  • No tap or character shoes on the resilient floor.


Hair must be off the face and pinned or fastened securely in all dance classes so dancers can execute turns properly. 

  • For ballet classes, medium and long hair must be in a dancer's bun (chignon). Short hair should be back from the face.

  • Dancers whose hair is not properly secured will be asked to observe rather than participate.

  • Youtube video showing how to make a bun that stays: Making a Dance Bun


  • Women: Required: Black tank or camisole-style leotard* pink dance tights, pink ballet slippers in canvas preferably split-sole but with a fully covered instep. Please take care that undergarments are not visible underneath tights. Girls, your tights serve as underwear in dance class. For dance bras, see stores noted below. A short chiffon skirt may be worn for ballet class, at the discretion of the teacher. A "hip-alignment belt" (waist elastic) may be worn if desired. In cold weather solid color warm-ups and black over-tights may be worn, at the discretion of the teacher. Dancers taking more than 2 classes per week may wear other leotards if desired.

  • Men: Required: Plain black or white cotton t-shirt and black bike shorts, dance Bermuda Shorts or tights, white or black socks, and matching black or white ballet slippers. Athletic supports for boys are called dance belts and are a necessary undergarment. NO BAGGY SHORTS in dance class. In cold weather black warm-ups may be worn, at the discretion of the teacher. Dancers taking more than 2 classes per week may wear other colors if desired.

  • In the winter, dance warm-ups (solid color wrap-knit tops and leg warmers) are allowed in most classes but are to be removed at the teacher's discretion.


  • Women: Black tank or camisole-style leotard*, and black or tan dance footless tights or Capri style leggings, bare feet. Pre-school age dancers may wear stretch cotton shorts. A solid color (no stripes, writing or advertising) tank t-shirt may be worn over your leotard. Solid color knit warm-ups are ok in cold weather, at the discretion of the teacher. Note that skirts are not appropriate for modern dance and pink tights should be avoided for modern dance class.

  • Men: Plain (no stripes, writing or advertising ) t-shirt and black bike shorts, dance tights or lightweight sweatpants, bare feet. Athletic supports for dancers are called "dance belts" and are a necessary undergarment. Black warm-ups ok in cold weather, at the discretion of the teacher.

  • Hair for modern dance is typically a low ponytail, since a bun can interfere with floor work.


  • Women: Black camisole-style leotard* black or tan dance tights or black Capri style leggings. Jazz shoes strongly preferred, though dance sneakers or bare feet are ok depending on the teacher. A selection of jazz shoes is available at the studio. A solid color, plain (no stripes, writing or advertising) tank t-shirt is ok in jazz class over your leotard. Please: no bare midriffs in our jazz classes.

  • Men: Plain t-shirt and bike shorts, dance tights or lightweight sweatpants, barefoot, jazz shoes or dance sneakers.


  • Girls: In the Fall and Winter, pink tights and a yellow (Creative Movement) color leo with attached skirt is required . Pre Ballet requires and lilac or lavender leo and pink ballet tights. In Summer, tights are not necessary, however thin pink or white socks with leather ballet slippers are suggested. For detailed info on the dress code and brand suggestions, please email

  • Boys: Please wear stretchy shorts and a close-fitting T shirt in plain black and white. A T-shirt that is long enough to stay down even when arms are raised is best for young boys. The following dancewear supplier may be helpful for young boys starting dance: BOYS DANCE TOO

  • Dance shoes: Soft ballet shoes ("slippers") made of canvas or leather. Ms. Warkenda prefers full sole ballet shoes and those from stores such as Payless are ok for this purpose. Please note that the pink satin bedroom slippers that resemble true ballet shoes are not appropriate for dance class.

  • Lovey: In Pre-Ballet and Creative Movement classes, little dancers are asked to bring a special "lovey"-a stuffed animal or doll with them to help out in class.

  • Socks: for young dancers who are just learning right from left, a thin red or pink sock on the right foot is recommended in Pre-Ballet.


  • Any loose, comfortable clothing that you can really move in, dance clothing strongly preferred.


  • Readiness for pointe classes is determined by the teacher on an individual basis, not solely on the basis of age or class level. In general age (over 11), maturity, foot strength, foot arch and instep, the ability to maintain turnout and balance on demi-pointe, overall enthusiasm about classical ballet, and classes attended per week are all factors.

  • Be aware that the experience of pointe work differs considerable form dancer to dancer and progress also varies considerably. (Classmates who start pointe together will not necessarily stay in the same pointe level).

  • In some cases pointe is recommended to dancers in order to strengthen feet and arches for other types of dance than classical ballet.

  • If you are ready for pointe shoes, you will be notified by your teacher. A proper fitting with an expert in a store and correct sewing of pointe shoe ribbons and elastic is required.

  • We do not recommend a particular brand of pointe shoe because every foot is different and the goal is a near-custom fit. As your foot strength changes with continued classes, your pointe shoe brand my also change.

  • Dancers if you need some guidance on brands that may work best for your foot please see Ms. Deborah Engermann who is our in-house expert.

  • We prefer elasticized ribbons for the health of achilles tendons not standard satin.

  • Please attend carefully to the following video link for information on correct placement and sewing of ribbons and elastic at SDC for your first couple of years of pointe class: SEWING POINTE & TYING SHOES.

  • For the most part, this video demonstrates the method we prefer for sewing and tying pointe shoes at SDC. Please note however that "melting" the ribbon edges to prevent fraying is shown in the video is not recommended or required.

    • Beginner pointe students, please do practice tying and untying your ribbons at home so that precious class time is not taken up with repeatedly re-tying shoes.

    • Dancers, sewing pointe shoes is YOUR personal responsibility, not your parent's!


Basic Dance Bag Contents for Pre-Professional Dancers

  • You do not need a bag manufactured by a dance company. Any sturdy gym bag, tote or backpack that works for you is fine. It does help if the bag can be zippered closed.

  • Re-usable water bottle, preferably with your name on it.

  • Sewing kit with a small scissors, needles and sufficient pink and/or white thread to sew shoe elastic and ribbons.

  • As needed: extra hair elastics, hair clips and bobby pins, and hairnet, and/or big barrettes.

  • BandAids and Neosporin pain relief: Please note that the First Aid Kit at the studio is for emergencies only!

  • A small toiletries bag with any personal hygiene items you need to feel secure.

  • A ziplock bag with some first aid items for blisters.

  • Ballet slippers and Pointe shoes (if you are on pointe) , character shoes or jazz shoes if you need them.

  • Every type of padding (lambs wool, gel pads, foam pads, moleskin, paper towel bits, etc) you need to make your pointe shoes feel heavenly.

  • Extra leotard and transition tights (if needed).

  • Snacks for before/after class. But please note no food can be thrown out at the studio.

  • Extra plastic bag to bring home any food-related garbage.

  • Book, or something to read if you are early for class, late to be picked up etc.

  • Leg warmers, wrap sweater or shrug, dance skirt (ladies) . These must be tight fitting and intended for dance.

  • Remember: do not bring jewelry or electronics or anything to the studio that is valuable!


PAS DE CHAT at 108 West Main St in New Holland has dance wear and an especially good selection of pointe shoes and pointe shoe styles.  Lenise, the owner, also does a great job of fitting pointe shoes.  Call her at (717) 354-2521.

What used to be EAST PROSPECT OUTLET is now called LIFE IS...DANCE SWIM GYM and has moved to the Crossroads Shopping Center at 351 Loucks Rd Suite E5 in York PA.  It is the factory outlet for Curtain Call Costumes, a leading recital costume manufacturer.  The outlet has basic dance class supplies, including leotards, tights, skirts, ballet slippers and jazz shoes--- and now pointe shoes as well.  The staff are very nice and have explicit information about SDC requirements regarding fitting.  The outlet also has gymnastic and swim wear.  The best thing is its amazing variety of dance costumes; any dance fan will love a trip to this store.  Christine, the store manager, is very helpful any responsive to all concerns 1-800-516-6448.  Hours are Mon-Fri 9-8pm and Sat 9-5pm and Sun 11-5pm. 

There are also smaller dance stores in Hummelstown and Glen Rock that carry some specific brands of pointe shoes.

For those seeking the elusive ideal pointe shoe and would like a very wide selection, try an excursion toFOOTLIGHTS in Frederick, MD.

Although we strongly support our local dance stores for their years of personal commitment & great service, online dance supplies are readily available as well.  Try DISCOUNT DANCE SUPPLY  or DANCEWEAR SOLUTIONS if you already know what you need and exact sizes. For men and boys in particular BOYS DANCE TOO is an especially responsive online supplier.