• WEATHER :  SDC will be closed in severe weather conditions and when severe weather is predicted. Needless to say, we do not  control the weather.  Since 2005 it has become clear that makeup classes for individual weather cancellations are exceptionally poorly attended.  Therefore we do not schedule makeups for acts of God such as severe snowstorms. 
  • Some years its seems that all weather problems fall on Tuesdays, or perhaps Thursdays.  In this case we will allow makeups in classes during the week.
  • Typically, SDC will follow Hempfield School District weather closings; the exceptions being if the weather starts off badly but clears up sufficiently in the afternoon to hold classes, or if bad weather is predicted in the morning but does not arrive. 
  • Of course, local conditions do  vary considerably so please always use your own best judgement regarding safe driving conditions.
  • FACULTY EMERGENCY:  You will be notified if a class must be cancelled due to faculty illness or other emergency, and those classes  will either be substituted or be rescheduled.  In some cases this means having class with a different teacher or substituting a modern for a ballet or vice versa.  
  • HOW WE COMMUNICATE A CLASS CANCELLATION:  We make every effort to be in touch if a class is cancelled.  Generally you will be notified by email.    We will also sometimes send an automated phone message or text if time is short.
  • DOUBLE CHECK YOUR CONTACT INFO:  Please be sure your correct email is included on the registration page, that your class registrations are correct and that your email service does not put our notification emails into “junk.”  Similarly, please be sure your registration gives your correct  primary telephone contact, a cell phone number that is checked frequently is preferred.
  • MAKEUP WEEK:  Classes cancelled  due to instructor illness or absence ONLY will be made up at the end of the year during a "makeup week."  Every class held in makeup week can also be used to makeup classes missed by students for other reasons, such as illness, auditions, overwhelming schoolwork, etc.  We strongly encourage every student to take as many classes on her or his level as possible during makeup week.