Our Goals

  • In order to best prepare our students for working with choreographers, SDC offers challenging classes in classical ballet, pointe and also classic modern and jazz technique.  

  • Our depth of knowledge in these techniques is a unique  aspect of our dance program that sets us apart from other studios.  

  • The many successful professional and pre-professional  auditions and scholarships won by our students and alumni are a testament to the excellence of our program. 

  • Our goal is to provide world-class training in a friendly, community-based environment.  

  • We are not a "recital studio" or a "competition studio."  

  • Dance performance opportunities are handled through our partnering Non-Profit 501c3 Dance Company in residence, COBALT (Contemporary Ballet of PA). Planned for the the first time for the 2017/18 Season is a beautiful performance opportunity for our younger dancers.  More information with be forthcoming to our students.

Our Programs

1.  Creative Movement for Ages 3-5  and Pre-Ballet for ages 5-6:  Classes are typically 1/2 hr to 45 min in length, once per week.  Dancers are requested to bring a "lovey" (small stuffed animal or doll) with them to class.  As much as possible, we try to keep 3s and 4s together, and 5s and 6s together.  Parents will be notified by the teacher when little dancers may be ready to move up into harder classes. Please see the schedule or give us a call for more information: (717) 676-9039.

2.  The Recreational Dance Class Program at Susquehanna Dance Center allows parents and students to create their own schedule and take classes for fun, fitness. and education.  It includes classes for adults, teens and children.

  • There are no particular number of hours per week required of students in open classes:   you are free to choose classes on your level and in your age range that interest you the most.  
  • Recreational Classes are taught by SDC's great faculty, and are also available to Pre-Professional students.  
  • Recreational Classes are outlined in black on the weekly schedule.  
  • Recreational  Class Program students may not take classes that are listed only as Level A, B, C or D on the schedule.

3.  The Pre-Professional Dance Program at Susquehanna Dance Center allows students who take multiple hours of classes per week to be in classes with other students who are equally committed and excited about their dance studies.

  • Initial entry into SDC's pre-professional program requires a placement class.  The placement class is not a talent audition, it is simply a way for the faculty to determine the technique background and optimal class levels for the dancer.  
  • The hours of study required per week for each pre-professional level are listed below.  They are the minimum needed to maintain a level of progress consistent with serious students of dance internationally.  That said, SDC is proud to have many students in the Pre-Professional program who are studying dance for the joy of it, and are not necessarily aiming for career in dance.  
  • Even with the number of hours required, SDC's schedule is flexible enough to allow quite a few different options for families on days of the week and times.
  • Ballet is the core curriculum for specialization in all dance styles.
  • For those students who are serious about pursuing a professional dance career, SDC offers many "extras" including unparalleled faculty advising, private classes and audition preparation.  
  • In general, the classes in the Pre-Professional Program will be more rigorous than open classes in terms of pace, progress over the season, and technical detail expectations.
  • These classes are listed as Level A, B C or D on the class schedule.  
  • Because of the enormous amount of technical material covered, and our emphasis on giving a substantial background in classic modern and jazz as well as ballet, It is not at all unusual for dancers to stay with a particular Level for two or more years.  
  • Occasionally, a dancer will be placed in different levels for modern or jazz than ballet.  

Level A= "Beginner-Intermediate" 

A minimum of two hours of classes per week are required for this level, with at least three hours per week strongly recommended.  Level A Ballet is for dancers at least age 6, but there is no upper limit on ages in the classes.  Most dancers in this level will tend to fall into the 7-12 age range.

Level B= "Intermediate" 

A minimum of three hours per week of classes are required for Level B, with five hours recommended for younger dancers, and six hours recommended for older dancers.  Most dancers in this level will tend to fall into the above 9 age range.  Please note that teens and adults meeting the hourly requirements and technique background are also welcome into B level classes.

Level C= "Intermediate/Advanced" 

A minimum of five hours per week of classes are required for Level C, with seven hours recommended. Most dancers in this level will tend to fall into the above 12 age range.  Please note that teens and adults meeting the hourly requirements and technique background are also welcome into C level classes. Professional adult dancers visiting the area are welcome into D level classes on a drop-in basis.

Level D= "Advanced"

A minimum of seven hours per week of classes are required for Level D, with eleven-plus recommended.  Most dancers in this level are devoted to dance and are intending to audition for professional contracts or university study in dance. Professional adult dancers visiting the area are welcome into D level classes on a drop-in basis.

Level E= Advanced Ballet Focus

D-level requirements plus E level ballet classes are required, along with a faculty recommendation.

More Classes


With SDC faculty member Travis Love.  For cost and further info or questions please inquire at susquedance@gmail.com or call Travis at (717) 283-6737.


For cost and further info or questions about Feldenkrais Method classes please see http://feldenkraisblog.com/ or be in touch directly with Donna Bervinchak at (717) 285-0399 or email her at Donna_Bervinchak@yahoo.com.


Susquehanna Dance Center is proud to host World Dance Lancaster under the direction of Zita Angelo on Mondays and Thursdays from October through May.    

World Dance, also known as International Folk Dance, involves a group of happy people performing traditional ethnic dances in a circle, a line, couple, trio, quadrille, longways set, or individual formation. Some of the countries represented are: Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Albania, Russia, Poland, Greece, Israel, Turkey, and Armenia, along with a smattering of dances from many other countries.

For more information see World Dance Lancaster or contact  Zita Angelo at 717-951-5152  or email zita@worlddancelancaster.com