Louis XIV, the "Sun King" A reconstruction of what early ballet from the French court may have been like.

Bournonville Tarantella from Napoli c 1903


Barishnikov speaking about his teacher Pushkin

Olga Lepeshinskaya and Asaf Messerer

Kirov, 1960s

Balanchine choreography in the movie "Goldwyn Follies" (1938)

Anna Pavlova, 1920's

Nijinky in his ballets, animated from stills 1906-1918

Nijinsky, Afternoon of a Faun

Karsavina about Giselle with Nijinsky in 1910

Russian ballerina Yekaterina Geltzer c. 1913

Tanaquil LeClerc

Danish ballerina Ellen Price c. 1906

Karsvina c 1920 showing barre  exercise

Maria Tallchief speaking about Tanaquil LeClerc

Balanchine Concerto Barocco

Kirov Partnering c 1960

Mark Morris L'Allegro

Balanchine Prodigal Son