1. Create an Account (new students) or Access your Existing Account (current & former students)

  • You must be over 18 to register for classes at SDC.
  • Enter the  Parent Portal.
  • If you are a current SDC student, or have studied at SDC previously you already have an account in the Parent Portal and you can search for it by student name or family name. Enter the portal through the SDC website.  (Please do not open a new account if you already have an account.)
  • Set up a user ID and password for your family.   
  • Please be sure to provide your most frequently checked email, since this will be our primary way to communicate with you.
  • After entering your payment information, you will enter student information.  Be sure to include a birthday in order to see the full list of available classes for your dancer. 
  • All students in a family can be tracked under one "My Family Members" account.

2. Register with a Credit or Debit Card

  • You will need a credit or debit card to register. The registration fee of $30 will be assessed at the time of registration.   
  • Registration in 2017/18 is for 33 weeks of classes plus one additional “make-up” week.  
  • The season will run from mid September through June.
  • By default you will be assigned automatic monthly billing for your account. 
  • Billing occurs on Sept 15th, 2017 for the first and last month of the season, and then for 8 additional payments from October through May 2018 on the 1st of the month.  
  • There are no separate credit card transaction fees.
  • You may withdraw from automatic billing payments at any time by "un-clicking" the auto-billing box.  Note that a $15 late fee is assessed for any payments over a week late.
  • You are in control and may change your card info at any time by returning to your account through the Parent Portal via the SDC website. Credit Card info is handled by Stripe, which is 100% focused on internet financial security.  SDC does not have access to your personal credit card information, nor can we change your payment information for you.
  • If you feel there is a mistake in billing or classes for which you are registered classes are not showing up on your statement, please email Susquedance@gmail.com right away.
  • SDC is committed to ensuring 100% billing accuracy.  If there is a mistake, we will make it right.

3. Choose Classes

  • After signing in to the SDC parent portal, Click "Register for Classes" to see the tab "2017/2018 Classes".  Note that classes appear on the list only if the student falls within the correct age limit for the class.
  • It will help you to have a copy of the SDC class schedule in front of you with your classes marked.
  • Classes outlined in black are recreational classes and may be taken individually.  
  • Classes listed as level A B C D or E are pre-professional technique classes calibrated to experience level.  These levelsrequire participation in a particularnumber of hours per week.  Please check required classes carefully for your level. SDC may suggest or require changes to your enrollment if weekly class hours or registration levelsare not met. 
  •  To select classes, tick the boxes to select or drop classes as you wish, and click "Enroll" Now" when complete.  
  • You will be shown tuition rates and registration fee requirements upon enrollment.  You can still make changes and adjustments at this time.
  • To pay for registration, click "Finish Registration Now".  
  • You will then see a waiver form.  Please read this carefully and tick the box to agree. 
  • Ater registration, you still have the option to adjust classes depending on teacher recommendations, referrals, and requirements.  You may also print a statement for yourself any time through the Parent Portal.