A positive and productive learning environment for our dancers, parents and staff is essential.  Everyone associated with SDC tis expected to behave in a responsible and disciplined way in our studios.  Dancers in particular are expected to behave respectfully toward their parents, teachers, classmates, and their art form.  

  • Susquehanna Dance Center reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student whose conduct or attitude, or whose parent’s conduct or attitude, is inappropriate or disrespectful. SDC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

  • SDC assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen property.

  • If you witness any behavior by anyone at or near the studio that concerns you, please take appropriate action and call the police (if the situation warrants) and/or notify Shari Vegso immediately.


  • Since young children often need to use the restroom or need a parent at a moment’s notice, parents or caregivers are to remain at our studios during classes that are thirty minutes in length, or with children who are 5 and under.

  • All students must be picked up by a parent or guardian.

  • If your child does not have a cell phone, emergency phone calls regarding pick ups should be directed to 717-676-9039 or 717-725-1173.

  • We will never leave an under-age child at the studio alone without supervision. However, be aware that SDC staff are not babysitters. If you are over 15 minutes late to pick up a child after the last class at the studio, you will be charged $15 for every fifteen minutes you are late.

  • Dancers are strongly advised to wait for rides inside the building. SDC is not responsible for children who stand on the porch, leave the building, roam the grounds, or visit the playground or the library.

  • Siblings of students may not be left unattended in studios or to roam the building.

  • We recommend thatstreet clothing and shoes be worn over dance clothes when entering and exiting the building.

  • The waiting area at SDC is for the convenience of our families. Although quiet conversation is welcome, please respect students who wish to do school work in a quiet setting, all other organizations using the space, and the classes that are in session.

  • If a student arrives late to class, the participation of the student in class is entirely at the discretion of the teacher.


We do understand our dedicated dancers need to eat in the evening, and sometimes a meal at the studio is the only way to ensure their good nutrition.  For everyones health and comfort, we ask you to follow these rules.

  • Please wash your hands before and after eating very carefully.

  • Food may only be eaten in the hallway.

  • Take a moment after eating to clean up your eating area, and check whether anything has dropped on the floor.

  • No food garbage of any kind is to be left at the studio! This rule is so important to keep vermin of all variety away from our beautiful studios. Please ensure that your dancer carries an extra plastic grocery bag in their dance bagto “pack it in and pack it out.”

  • No food is allowed in the dance studios, closets or bathrooms.

  • Any infringement of this will necessitate a "water only" policy and food allowed only outside the building.


  • No smoking permitted anywhere in the building or on the grounds of the building.


  • SDC is not responsible for any lost, stolen or left-behind articles. Mind your belongings and do not bring anything of value, especially jewelry, to the studio.

  • Our Lost and Found will hold articles of clothing for about two months. Any clothing left over will be redistributed to anyone who wants it, or given to charity. It would be wise to label all dance clothes, especially ballet shoes, sweaters and leg warmers, to ensure their prompt return.


  • In general, parents should wait in the lobby during class to avoid any distractions to the students and instructors.

  • There will be designated observation weeks near the end of each semester throughout the year so that you may see your child's progress. Please check the SDC calendar for dates of the observations weeks. If you or a visiting family member cannot make scheduled observation days, you are welcome to schedule another opportunity directly with the teacher.

  • Cameras, video recorders and/or cell phones are not allowed in the studio during observation unless specifically okayed by the teacher.


  • Faculty phone numbers, addresses, or emails will not be given out to students or parents. Paper and an envelope will be provided at the front desk if you need to communicate privately with faculty.

  • Be aware that between classes is not generally a good time to have a discussion with the Director or the faculty. Short exchanges and greetings are absolutely fine, but longer questions should be emailed or left on voice mail. We appreciate you help with this!

  • Pointe shoe fitting can usually be done between classes, but if possible please direct pointe shoe sewing questions to Amy Williams.


  • SDC classes are about individual dance accomplishments, not body types. It is our privilege to teach every eager student who comes to class, regardless of size, shape or ability.

  • It is SDC policy that teachers not discuss weight or dieting at all with any SDC student. This is not our area of expertise.

  • Teachers with concerns about a child’s health will consult privately with a parent.

  • Parents, please be alert to unexpected weight loss in your child and/or signs of changed eating practices such as eating only one kind of food to the exclusion of other foods, refusal to be weighed , or obsessive concern with weight. We encourage all families to promote good eating habits and to ask questions or seek consultations with a qualified nutritionist or family physician.

  • With regard to injuries, families are likewise urged to seek qualified medical opinions.


The following conduct will result in dismissal:

  • Any action or event which is a violation of federal, state or local laws including the illegal possession of drugs or alcohol (including underage use of tobacco), or weapons.

  • Smoking on the premises

  • The destruction, damage or theft of SDC or Mountville Community Center property or the property of others.

  • Unauthorized or inappropriate use of equipment, machines, costumes or an area of the building that is off limits.

  • Use of the studios for anything except warming up or scheduled class without the explicit permission of the Director.

  • Conduct such as physical intimidation or injury, verbal harassment, sexual harassment, bullying or coercion, including by cell phone, on the internet, or in social media.

The following will result in warnings and possible dismissal:

  • Any significant, or repeated violation of classroom etiquette.

  • Any significant, repeated violation of the dress code.

  • Emotional outbursts.

  • Multiple unexcused absences.

  • Non-payment of tuition.